“UKRAINIAN PROJECT 2024” Erasmus+ Internship Program in Slovakia

Within our initiative, WorkSpace Europe helps foreign students from abroad to come for Erasmus+ internships in Slovakia and place them into host companies in different sectors www.placementslovakia.com.

Thanks to the possibility of transferring part of our EU grant (for our KA 131 projects) to supporting incoming students from Ukraine, we decided to use this opportunity and created a unique project to help students from Ukrainian Universities to come for the Erasmus+ internships in Slovakia. We provide Ukrainian students with our full administrative and practical support, pay them the EU grant, and place them in our partner companies in Slovakia to do their Erasmus+ internships.

Since the start in 2022, we have hosted over 40 students and have many successful stories about helping them move forward in their lives and careers.  Here you can read their stories here. Until we can we will do our maximum effort to search new Ukrainian Universities for partnerships to allow as many Ukrainian students as possible to join this unique project.

Start of internships: March – May 2024

Duration of an internship: 6 months (with possibility of extension)

Location: mainly in Bratislava

We offer:

– professional full-time internship in a company matching your specialization;

– financial grant up to 750 Eur/ month;

– free accommodation (a private room in a shared apartment with others)

– insurance;

– travel allowance to Slovakia;

– pickup (bus/ train station) and welcome on arrival;

– regular trips and social activities with other interns of our program during your stay;

– practical support before and during the internship by our team;

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects at well-known international companies in a wide variety of fields, such as marketing, finance, business, customer service, analytics, and more. You will have an internship closely with experienced professionals who will provide guidance and mentorship in big international companies or startups.

Our program is FREE for students and Universities!

Requirements to join the programme:

– being a final year of Bachelor’s or Master student or recent graduate;

– fluent English language (B2-C1);

– being able to travel to Slovakia till July for minimum 5 months for full-time internship;

How to join: submit your application asap via the online form. We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds and majors. The internship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The sooner you apply the higher is your chance for being selected!

The selection process: 

You will have the 1st interview with us , if it is successful, then we arrange the 2nd interview with the company. Our selection process is the same as a job search – it’s already a good learning experience. The success of the interviews is in your hands.

Don’t waste your time, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience and start your career to get the job of your dreams in the future. We look forward to receiving your applications and working with you!

Check more videos of our interns on YouTube

Our pictures you can find on Instagram

We are happy to start 2024 with already 300 new candidates

We still have hundreds of candidates available who can start their internship from January 2024 until June 2024. At the same time we are happy that Slovak and Czech university graduates are interested to take part in Erasmus+ gradaute internship in 2024. Those fresh graduates will be ready for their inernships starting from July 2024 following the next 12 months.

For employers, the window is wide open to publish their new internship opportunities not only at this moment but also at any point throughout the year. This flexibility is possible because we are actively engaging with 2023 Slovak university graduates as well as 2024 Slovak university graduates.

New internship portal SolidIntern from WorkSpace Europe

Since 2013 we have been specializing on international Erasmus+ internships of recent graduates. Every year we send for internships over 250 students and graduates into companies abroad.  As a consortium coordinator we fully administrate the internships and provide interns with the Erasmus+  financial grant to help them cover their living expenses abroad.

This is why we are happy to announce our new internship portal SolidIntern from WorkSpace Europe.

With our Solid Intern portal we want to help Slovak and Czech students of partnering Universities in finding suitable host organizations for their internships easier and connect them with employers from across Europe.

We work closely with companies and we appreciate every employer receiving international students for internships and giving them the opportunity to gain practical skills in their teams.

We fully understand what valuable time and effort companies put into finding the right candidates.

Therefore with our Solid Intern portal we want to help companies to access the right candidates and make the selection and Erasmus+ administration process simple and effective.

  • We pre-validate every student in the database to make sure they fulfill the eligibility criteria for obtaining the Erasmus+ grant.
  • Solid Intern portal has been designed to promoting the internship offers only to the relevant candidates according to their selection criteria.

This way the company offers are getting to the relevant candidates and companies do not have to worry about the Erasmus+ administration process of the selected trainees.

We work with students and fresh graduates of the following 15 universities, covering wide range of specialisations:

Comenius University in Bratislava
University of Economics Bratislava
University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava
Technical University in Zvolen
Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín
University of Veterinary medicine and Pharmacy Košice
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
The School of Management – City University of Seattle, Bratislava
Bratislava University of Economics and Management
International School of Management Slovakia, Prešov
University of Security Management in Košice
Dubnica Technology Institute
Tomas Bata UNiversity in Zlin
Pan-European University in Prague/Ostrava
Ambis University in Prague

Check out the new internship portal SolidIntern here.

Leo-Net annual seminar “Time For New Perspective” in Bratislava, on April 19-21,2023

WorkSpace Europe is happy to announce an interesting international seminar we host in Bratislava on April 19-21. 2023 focused on international traineeships and employability of HEI students, virtual traineeships, digital skills development and new concepts of bridging Higher Education with sustainable careers.

The seminar organizer is LEO-NET (NL) an international association of Universities focused on International Erasmus+ internships, University Consortia and graduate employability.  

Please see the interesting programme here

As a member organisation, WorkSpace Europe is honoured to host this year’s annual seminar in Bratislava, with an interesting professional and social programme. We will welcome the Erasmus+ internships coordinators from member and non-member Universities from across Europe. We are also happy to welcome the European Commission representative, presenting the state of the art of the present Erasmus+ Programme, especially for traineeship mobility, followed by the Q&As and discussion.

Let’s gain new insights about virtual internships, future-oriented skills and inclusion on the work floor. Let’s learn why the mental balance of interns is important as well as for ourselves.

Discover the role of regional traineeship mobility consortia and how we want to interconnect them.

More details about the seminar you can find here

Looking forward to learning new trends and exploring new partnerships.

Hope to meet you in the beautiful city of Bratislava !

Karol Ovesny was elected to the leadership team of EAIE – European Association for International Education

It is a great honor for us that Karol Ovesny, the director of WorkSpace Europe was elected to join the leadership team of the biggest University association for international education in Europe – EAIE. Karol will join the Employability expert group where he will offer his expertise in University – Business cooperation and employability of graduates with regards to specifics and challenges of the CEE region among this biggest network of experts form the top Universities from across Europe. Karol Ovesny has currently became the only member of the EAIE leadership team from Slovakia.

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Karol Ovesny, the director of WorkSpace Europe was elected to the board of LEO-NET association (NL)

It is a great honor for us that in April 2018 at the yearly seminar of LEO-NET, an international association of universities and Erasmus+ university consortia for Higher Education student internships, was Karol elected by association members to the LEO-NET board. Karol will do maximum to represent the Central and Eastern part of Europe in the topic of international work experience and Erasmus+ consortia in the sector of Higher Education, to consult and motivate universities and companies join the EU programmes and stand for the needs and challenges of the CEE region in multirateral dialogs among European universities and European commission.

Karol Ovesny representing Slovakia at Erasmus+ 30th anniversary celebration in EU Parliament

Mrs. Alexandra Junaskova, the director of Slovak Erasmus+ National Agency and Karol Ovesny, director of WorkSpace Europe represented Slovakia at the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme event celebration at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, June 2017.

It was a great pleasure and an honor to be a part of this unique international event celebrating the 30 years of the wonderful Erasmus+ programme. We had the chance to speak with Mr. Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture and Sport at the European Parliament and we met other programme leaders from the European Commission as well as top representatives of the program from every country involved in Erasmus+ programme. We also had the opportunity to be present at the European Parliament official speech led by the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker.

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WorkSpace Europe at Erasmus+ conference in Strasbourg

In October 2016 French Erasmus+ National Agency organized an international conference in Strasbourg covering interesting topics within Erasmus+ program.

Karol Ovesny, director of WorkSpace Europe was invited as a speaker to represent the Slovak University Consortium project and its impact on employability on university graduates and university – business cooperation.

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