Our Students

Talented Slovak students for your business

As a consortium coordinator, we manage and administrate Erasmus+ traineeships abroad for graduates of 12 major Slovak universities.

We offer companies and NGOs from EU countries an access to host hundreds of talented Slovak university graduates from wide range of specialisations to become a part of their teams at full time EU supported internships.

What sectors are our students from?

We can provide you with the students from 12 Slovak universities with the following study specialization:

  • Economics (finance, logistics, HR, accountancy)
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Business and enterprise management
  • IT
  • International relations
  • Administration
  • Tourism
  • Languages
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Law
  • Arts
  • Natural science
  • Social science
  • Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Sports and physical education
  • Mass Media Communication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Security management
  • Design
  • Forestry, wood sciences and technology
  • Ecology and environmental sciences

Selection process

The very first step is to specify the profile of the trainee you are looking for. Together, we will then arrange the secletion process that will suit you the best. We can either do the selection for you or connect you with the candidates directly.

What are the language requirements?

The basic condition for our students is the ability to speak the working language of the traineeship at least at communicative level.

The majority of the trainees speak English, followed by German, French, Spanish and Italian.

When the traineeship can start?

Since we work mostly with fresh graduates (students graduating in May/June), we can provide you with trainees from July 2017 onwards.

What is the duration the traineeship?

The standard duration of the traineeship without contribution is 3 months.  The traineeship can be also longer, however, in such case, a financial contribution or contribution in kind is required (accommodation, transportation, etc.)

How can we cooperate?

We continually look for partners that can help us to find suitable traineeships for our students in receiving organisations all over the Europe. If you are interested to become our partner, please leave us a message.

How can we host a Slovak trainee?

Please, contact us for more information and we will explain you the whole process and give all the necessary instructions.